FROM 1-13. Across the Equator &1st circumnavigation

Apr 30, 2005 - 0300hrs UTC

0300hrs 30 Apr 2005 UTC Map Ref 192

It’s just before dawn and we’ve had a great night’s run making 6-7.5 kts all in the right direction, aiming to hit the equator at 30 W. Beautiful sky at the moment all orange,pink and grey the edges of some low cloud etched in brilliant white. There is also a rainbow in the low cloud opposite to the west.

It looks like another hot one today. Yesterday the wind dropped out with the heat about noon and our boat speed sank to 2-3 kts. I just hope the wind holds today.

I just read what I have written and it could be Alex’s work. Have I caught emailspeak? Perhaps the computer has the virus. I just might do that first paragraph in the matter of fact prose of young Jim Cook. “The early sky to the east suggested a fine day with fair winds. I have ordered a flogging at noon, gross insubordination again during the night watch. Otherwise all is well on board.” Now that felt much better especially about letting the cat out of the bag.

Phil H. Thanks for your research on dogday/star, the red wine reference was interesting.

Tim. When Sarah returned from Germany she delighted in telling me that if I ever gained the title of Grand Father, in German I’d be called a ” gros farter ” doesn’t have the same ring does it.

George. I’ve replaced that aerial before, the top section broke before so the bottom bit may be on board but I doubt it. I bought it at Whitworth’s take the top piece with you to get a match. Any news yet on a berth in Lymington.

Luke thanks for the quick response all is forgiven.

Eve Keep your head high. I know you’ll make the right decision.

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