FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay

aug 6 Berri passing coronation


I'll be loosing you off the Alaska thermal loop map soon. Just short of CB. I can still see the Kent Penn. The Canadian fixed maps do not show nearly the same understanding as loops. I'll still have a good idea.

Your westerlies will continue. There are still 2 large storms in the gulf of Alaska, fueling your heat, wet and wind. You are in the broken off tail of the first storm. I expect it will die off and the second wave of westerlies will follow soon. More than enough to push you to CB. These winds are confused beyond CB.

The ice in the Eastern Queen Maud chock is spreading out and thinning, and just passable. One narrow band of heavy ice 4/10 on the eastern edge. Scares me today, but 'tomorrow' it will be good. 50 degrees in Gjoa H & Spence Bay 

West of King William (Larsen?) has a false opening as of yesterday.(Remember Sir Franklin).Its very good news as far as ice decay north of King W. It means Mc'Clintock is holding firm. We really need to get you through before Mc'Clintock breaks up. It will pour into the Queen and/ or push up against exposed Boothia.Which, by the way is holding firm(good) and thinning (also good until you are closer).

I'm still thinking you are a little behind, and catching up with these westerlies. Ross and Franklin are still looking prime in a short week. Peel scattered/open and Parry open.


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