FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

Ballyhoo Pics - the evidence

Corrie Climbing Ballyhoo

WW2 Ruins – Ballyhoo

G’day again. It seems that the pics I’m sending are arriving in e-space with some reliability, so here’s a few more from Sunday’s climb up Ballyhoo.

First you will see Corrie climbing up a nice grassy slope. This was taken near the start of the trip – you can tell because Corrie is still smiling. (Today she is still hobbling around with sore legs two days after the event. A previously undiscovered form of altitude sickness perhaps??).

And then there’s a view of Ballyhoo summit, with a very benign looking Bering Sea in the background. The Bering doesn’t seem to have any real horizon. Just a merging of two different hazy shades of bluey-grey in a vaguely horizontal arrangement. I’m sure the earth is more steeply curve up here. It felt like we could have seen the signpost marking the north pole if only the day had been a little clearer.

And finally, a pic of some of the old WW2 ruins out on the headland. Like the ocean, it all seemed very benign and peaceful when we were wandering through, although I’m sure it was anything but that at the time. I don’t even want to imagine how


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