FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)


Summer in Unalaska – bleak, cold misty rain, low cloud, legendary mud
and no place for a bloke on a pushbike. Where I’ve been for most of
the day, assembling bits and pieces for The Great Rebuild. US post
Office closed on Sundays, so no chance of new gearbox till at least
tomorrow and big to do list once it arrives.

Spoke to JW to ask all the necessary questions and he reminded me that
you can’t post flammable liquids through the mail, so the box will
arrive dry (no oil in it…)….now that would have been embarrassing!
And I need to discuss with the local experts things like oil
specification for the donk sump and whether to put antifreeze in the
heat exchange tank.

But we shall prevail…

I’m living – well, sleeping really – in the boat. Even less
comfortable and more cluttered than usual with the engine in what was
the only usable space. Now back in the lobby of the G I getting this
on line, then it’s into the Cape Cheerful bar where it’s ‘Build your
own Bloody Mary’ day – you get a shot of vodka in a glass and proceed
to a table covered in in stuff to add to it. There’s even TJ
somewhere. I shall follow procedure and sit there and do the to-do
list for tomoz.

McQ and K working off a 4 hour breakfast sorting and cataloguing
charts. They were going to climb Ballyhoo but in these conditions it
would have constituted penance for a lifetime of sin.

David W – there was a bloke peering under the bonnet of the Pontiac
yest. I had a look – erk! All about 6″ deep in mud and gunk. But it
seems he got it started because it’s now on the other side of the pub
- no doubt having shed a few rust flakes on the way.

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