FROM 2-16. Hobart-Sydney


We're just south east of Cape Raoul – Storm Bay having been its usual obstreperous self with blasts and holes and rain – the works. Should all blow away this evening. But no fun going to windward after all those months of the easy stuff.

There are dolphins around and a Black Browed Albatross – and lots of Gannety birds once again pretending to be albatrosses.

From here to Sydney I will use Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time which is UTC + 11. The laptop is set to this time as well – using the backup as the original seems to be a dead parrot.

We should round Tasman Island and turn north in a couple of hours, all going well. For the Sydneysiders and those who can get the internet stream, we might be on breakfast radio with Adam Spencer tomorrow – but at 0545 ish.

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