FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Bloggage Fri 23/05/2008 14:44

I wish I could capture for you the splendour and magnificence of all this. From a black, menacing night with a glorious dino show glowing and sparkling and pulsating in the surge as Berri surfs through her gerzillionth wave to a grey night with soft fluffy, cotton ball clouds in huge swathes across the sky – really just elevated mist patches but with their own presence and attitude when silhouetted by the moon. And the moon – almost directly astern, sometimes just an illusory glow, sometimes a brilliant reflection as its light comes through a hole in the fluff and becomes a silver plate on the water, sometimes a grey disc with a halo of subdued iridescence and sometimes the moon itself in our own gap – the horizon goes black, the sk silvery grey, there might be a star or two and suddenly its all lovely soft/hard texture and dappled sea. And then it’s gone again.

I think what I’m describing is the developing centre of a small low we’re crossing but I’m not sure. Wind now WNW and we’re still on about 020, following cross sea, kevvo in charge and still stonking along, though a bit less enthusiastically as the wind has abated to about 20 kt. Improved by a cuppa and some dunking mcvities.

Speed has blipped the phone – must go gather your gems – excitingest part of the night.

Kimbra, I’ll try to call Dave today or tomoz if conditions allow.

Love yez

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