FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Blunky Tue 27/05/2008 19:06

Looks as if we will be at or close to amchitka on saturday. we have tidal data from argos stations either side but not for pass itself – seems low water slack is around noon utc sat 30th = 0400 alaska daylight time so if we’re there it will be a dawn entry – locals advise not at night. Can anyone pse confirm low water time sat, sun, mon – Kimbra/Tom perhaps?

water temp 8 deg and now more current from NE so probably in the Aleutian slope flow, though still a long way out. Hands too cold for more – will do another in daylight. Water at Cape Horn was 7 deg.

Anyone for a tour of old nuclear testing sites? Jump aboard! First the Marshalls, now Amchitka. I doubt whether we could get to New Mexico, but there’s Mururoa and a few others to go.

For ages now, I’ve been hearing a strange squeaky chirruping noise at night. Unable to place it but assumed that it was not threatening and probably coming from some part of Kevvo’s wheels and pulleys. A couple of night ago, in the yellow cheesy moonlight. I saw a ghostly, tumbling black shape silhouetted against the moon’s reflection – yay! got it – it’s the Stormy Petrels talking to eachother. They must congregate around the boat at night attracted by the lights.

We’re now nearly at 46N – way past Tasmania and approaching Stewart Island in our southern equivalents. Berri’s highest latitude was Cape Horn at 57 and a bit south, and the Fastnet at about 51N so we’re getting close to one and closer to another. Shame there’s no gin.

Through the water log now reads 6343 after starting at 342, so 6000 miles – would be at Dutch if no current -we couldn’t have gone much straighter. Must work out our average speed ttw – must be better than 5 kts.

A cold, wet, grey gloomy morning out here beyond the boonies. Manchester as I remember it, every Tuesday. Supposed to be midsummer – but I like it heaps as long as it keeps bringing us wind and keeping the nasties south of us.

Hey, Austin – glad you’ve found us again – pass the word around! Would be really interesting to know who else is out there – sign the gust book please everyone!

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