FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

Contact stuff

Gearbox and picture cd’s and small dvd in the mail, boat more or less
loaded – McQ and K off somewhere having lunch – seems we’re about
ready to set off again. It’s been an interesting and instructive stay
- I now know why diesel engineers never turn up and – if they do -
they charge dockyard job money.

Huge thanks, once again, to Dave Boisseau for going way beyond the
reasonable to help us out – enjoy your 4th of July, Dave, and come
sailing in Oz. And to Steve and Sue and all those people who have
offered to help, lend us stuff, drive us around, feed us – it’s been
special. Now I hope we can make it stick and do what we came up here
to do.

Pascal in Resolute – the cavalry is coming. Maybe!

From here on, contact via the website Gustbook or the contact page. Our
iridium phone will be the international prefix plus 881631653278.
Ignore any messages if it rings out – do not leave a voice message,
just redial and keep doing so until someone answers. We will not
receive voice messages but you can send sms messages to the phone from

I will try to keep this phone for voice and the other one for data but
this may change. I have a third SIM for emergencies as well.

I hope the next one from me is a sailmail message. Appendages once again please!

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