FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Corrie McQueen: Poet Laureate

I have written a poem (Though Alex declared,’That’s no poetry’):

Lurching around in a monstrous sea
Lurchety, lurchety, lurching we be

Lurching around in a monstrous sea
Lurchety, lurchety, lurching wee B

As you can see, in each verse there are, as the Qantas safety checklist lady/voice would say, ‘subtle differences’

You repeat the two verses continually until one of the following;
a) you distract yourself enough to realise that you are now almost dry from the last wave that smashed you in the face
b) you get smashed in the face by a new big wave and come back to reality
c) you lose your marbles
d) you decide, in a moment of clarity, that these words must be written down as a blog for squillions of readers and generations to come to have the benefit of such profoundities…

Brian, that’s so kind of you to offer us a new sail, thank you, as Alex says we think its ok. I was wondering though if maybe (for the good of McQ, AND the project) you could come and hide out in our forepeak for the rest of the trip, instead. and do my sewing detail for me when required??? We can disguise you with orange hair and Alex will never know that I am not doing my own share of sewing!! I think that would be a far more productive use of your resources!!!

Lanolin for the boys, vaseline (and until ‘The Incident’ WD40) weapons of choice for the girls…

On a slightly more serious note, this evenings sunset was something to behold, totally and utterly breathtaking, one of the most amazing I have EVER seen, stunning red sky with streaks of bright gold and orange and blue- I have photos that almost, almost do it justice.

Lots of love

~This blog was brought to you by the letter ‘k’ (karine Polwart and Kings of Leon on the ipod) and the number ’18’ (roughly average windspeed)~

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