FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Dec 01, 2005 – 0850hrs UTC

0850hrs 01 Dec 2005 UTC 45’47”S 114’15”E Ref 606

Its been a misty, overcast day – drizzle, vis about a mile, occasional patches of sunlight, distant flocks of birds and about 15 – 20 knots pushing us towards the 4th Cape and the big corner. Lots of kelp. And we’re just going with the Vortex. It’s cold.

Bill W – thanks, looking forward to an authentic RANSA Consultation! – Fenwick, erudition strikes again and of course Teddy can navigate with his g string, as long as his rash has cleared up properly. No nasties in my seat please, young Ted. Paul, we are passing south of you as I write – Berrimilla confides that every Bodd will do his or her duty. And, indeed – thanks for all the fish – do stay in touch. Izzo in the broth, a pot pourri be upon ya and go, parsley! Barry, we’re counting on that push. Glad you’ve got some water in the catchments – we’re going to need a bit of a hose down – starting to get a bit armpit and crutchy out here and poor old Berri is looking daggy and used.

Leo, your bit of Doggerel has been a great hit – thanks! Set it to music and we can put it up there with Marshal Riley’s Army (try that one, IzzoftheGloss! Are you out there, by any chance, Dr.R?) and the Beach Boys as our Going Up The Derwent theme music.

Now 4546 11416  01/0900

DB: dmg 129 gps 139 dtg 1394 margin 589+9=518 day 103, 25 to start, 16 to TI and we’ve got nearly 5 days in hand.

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