FROM 1-31. Sooo close to Hobart

Dec 02, 2005 – 0402hrs UTC

0402hrs 02 Dec 2005 UTC 45’42”S 116’50”E Ref 608

no change, except that the barometer has dropped ihp. typical convergence zone conditions, dripping damp, alternating misty fog and drizzle – not too cold but very unpleasant to be outside in. i did a bit of work on the winches this morning (local time) and crinkled my hands and came in streaked with dewy water. we have taken advantage of the almost flat calm to change the alternator belt and the water pump impeller – the whole job took less than 20 minutes but nice to have done it. we have decided to leave the fuel filters until we get to taswegia or sydney, likewise an oil change.

no sign of any nasties behind us yet. uniform blank misty overcast merging with the sea surface a mile or so astern. the occasional little grey petrel and an albatross or two, but it seems all the big black petrels have found someone else to chase. gets a bit lonely without them. barnacled kelp floats past and that’s about it. we are about 900 miles south of perth, more or less on schedule for the corner on dec 12.

my daughter katherine leaves for a uni term in kunming, china today – tried to phone, no-one home. k, if you get to read this, sorry i missed you, go well, learn lots of stuff and we shall consult in february. a consultation with the dublin doctor might be an interesting concept to get across in mandarin. perhaps there’s an appropriate metaphor in the analects, chris?

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