FROM 1-31. Sooo close to Hobart

Dec 04, 2005 - 0430hrs UTC │ More Salutes

0430hrs 04 Dec 2005 UTC 45’02”S 122’53”E Ref 617

Yet another forecast and the Question is still awaiting being put – we’re now about 500 miles ahead and directly in the path of the big 974 hp low behind us. Baro now 990. It is gradually filling and curving SE but is forecast to pass directly over us at midnight utc. Hard to believe it is such a nasty one – we’re in bright, balmy sunlight for the first time for days – even weeks. We are now close enough to home to be reasonably confident that the metho will last so I have just made bread – wonderful – a bit of the old farinaceous works wonders. Tesco wholemeal with dried garlic and red capsicum. Best eaten immediately, but good after several hours when the garlic and capo has absorbed some moisture as well. Keeps for several days in these T’s.

When I fill in the log at 0900, I will then turn the page to what could be the last week of Act 5. Mixed feelings rampant (sounds like a painting by Jackson Pollock). And I have had what ought to be the second last shave of the Act. Noice.

Also, on things second last, I knew lists were dangerous in yesterday’s salute. My mind has been so fixed on the immediate and the immediate past that Dunedin seems aeons away – but a big lid dip to Bert, Kevin, Brian and Jen and Bob (Charley Noble), ace welder, and all the members of the Otago YC who made us so welcome and gave us encouragement at a time when it would have been easy to call it a day and go home. Also to George Durrant at Ampair for some expert diagnosis at very long range and Mik, somewhere in MoD, who fixed the transport of our replacement generator to Port Stanley. Thanks guys. To Marty Andersen at RPA who installed the electronics, Andy Coyle for the winches, Dion from Yachtserv for the rig and Ian Button, whose stainless welding has had a rugged testing, Thanks also. We dips our lids to you all. And I must confess to a system failure – I don’t have the name of the painters at RPA who stripped and antifouled the hull – sorry guys, but they are in the next office to Marty and the antifoul was clean when we got to Falmouth. Nice one.

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