FROM 1-31. Sooo close to Hobart

Dec 08, 2005 – 0912hrs UTC

0912hrs 08 Dec 2005 UTC 44’00”S 135’43”E Ref 631

DB: DMG 152 GPS 159 DTG 481 Margin 643+32=675 day 110, 19 to start, 10 to TI. We are well within range of TasCoast Radio in Tasmania on HF 4483 and we are listening as I write for one of the locsl BOGers to call us from his Brolga after the RYCT twilights. If no hear, we’ll try to call TCR. If we get through, it will be the first voice contact since Cape Town except for Satphone calls and only the third since Falmouth – the other was a one sided conversation with a bored deck officer in a passing ship south of Africa. I don’t think we’ll hear them – but we did hear a boat calling Mersey Radio from Sydney Heads so we’re back in the ballpark! We have our fingers firmly crossed but it does look as if the wind will hold for the next few days and blow us home Watch this space!

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