FROM 1-1. Sydney-Hobart Race 2004

Dec 2004, 31 – 0600hrs │ 207nm to go (ETA 01/01/05 1830hr) 55th, 4.9knts.

One of those evenings the poets like to mess with. Mt strzelecki on flinders is. was just visible under red and gold wispy mares tails and the boat is dry and we seem to have kept the breeze so far. Stars like you lot in the cities never see any more and the moon due in a couple of hours. Rollercoaster had the same idea as us so the next sked will be interesting. We think we can see Magic astern. If we can keep the breeze and collect the change tomoz we should be well down the tas coast by the time the next southerly arrives. Not looking like a good one to be in for too long.

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