FROM 1-1. Sydney-Hobart Race 2004

Dec 27 2004 – 1900hrs │442nm to go, 85th, 5.9knts

35 miles ahead of last years position.

For Steph – not just any beer, ma’am – only works with guinness and then only if you can keep it down.

Been a big day – down to storm jib & trisail – quite colourful but wet and cold. Now 30 miles N of Green Cape and Bass St. Boat ok, crew ok. Forecast lousy wth 2 more days of at least strong winds. 45 -50 kts today in driving rain sea surface all white and frothy with big seas up to six metres. Black lines of cloud with sunlight reflecting off the tops – magnificent and deserving of a small drop from the Dublin Doctor in appreciation

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