FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay

Everything just stopped.

This was a scary moment. When you think you know it all. Mother nature says different.

Everything is changing. The Pacific storms slowed/stopped moving NW or reversed.
It’s still in your favor for the moment. the weather over Boothia is intense. great for breaking up ice,( too soon, but we’ll take it.) Resolute is getting wind hammered from the west. that will break the weak ice of Parry and move it east…that will block Peel & Resolute. This will all fall into place soon. The ice pack is a solid wall just west of Resolute. all to the east of Resolute is wide open
There has been very warm temperatures across the islands. The water has been warmed by a degree or two, so any ice movement into warm water will destroy that moving ice. Also the season melt has been very aggressive in the last 2 weeks catching it up to 2 years ago and very close to last year.
You need to be across the Queen very soon. Both Gjoa Haven and Sprence Bay (Taloyoak) are good places to wait, but I don’t think you’ll have to wait.
The beer burp has slowed way down. Its almost ready for bottling.


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