FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

From Kimbra: What a difference a day makes! (Or Plan B, Part 1)

Well, you’ve probably already read Alex’s blog on what’s happened with the donk. We’re back in Dutch with another to-do list, crossed-fingers, a big blue wheelbarrow carting stuff back and forth, and hot showers all ’round.

The journey so far…

13 hours out: rather sinister grey hazy skies, beam-winds, several albatrosses & petrels, packs of puffins, a head cold, mild seasickness for me and warm toasty dry feet.

13 hours back: rather sinister grey skies with rain falling from them, winds on the nose, a seal, a fleet of dolphins, seasickness gone, still got the head cold and warm toasty dry feet.

Looks like we may be here for a while, so if anyone from Lonely Planet is reading this, we’re volunteering to write a new chapter on Dutch Harbour for the cost of our hotel room…

Love to all,


PS: a random note on puffins. Every other bird I’ve seen so far up this way is very sleek and serious looking in shades of black or grey or white or brown, big serious powerful wings and “I’m tougher than you” stare. After all, survival is a serious business. And then along comes a comical little puffin bird that has to flap its wings at a million beats per minute to stay airborn and has this huge comical beak that looks better suited to a tropical parrot. Maybe it got lost somewhere along the way??

And another strange looking bird. Corrie has emerged from the shower wearing t-shirt, bright pink hot pants and stripy Alaska knee socks with toes in them. (My new fluffy Alaska socks are bright pink with mooses on them). Can’t keep a girl away from some the retail therapy can you?? 

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