FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

Giant shoulders

Position 0630 8th. 3934 04106 trip 95, DMG 91, Day 17 from CT, about 1300 miles to Baie de L'Oiseau.
Pete has done some analysis of the wind data – we know average wind for Port au Francais is 35kph, which agrees with data we have received. Pattern seems to be 3 days around 50 – 60 kmh with two or three softer days in between. 50kmh = 27 knots. Manageable. The plan is to keep heading that way and park or bale out if it gets really pearshaped on the way. We'll get there if we can – too special to pass by from this close. Will need to clear the debris from the anchors and make sure all is accessible.

Baie de L'Oiseau was named by Kerguelen after his frigate Oiseau commanded by Lt. Charles de Rosnevet whose boat, under Lt. Rochegude first landed there on Jan 6th 1774 and took possession for France. This was in fact the second time it had been claimed as Kerguelen had already done so two years earlier on the southern coast of the island. They left a bottle suspended by wire with a latin message which Cook's men found in 1776 and Cook added to the message and returned the bottle. Cook named the place Christmas Harbour, not at the time knowing of the earlier name. It now appears on the chart as Baie de L'Oiseau.

Sue – hope you got to Gatwick. I'm old enough to remember 1947, when there was snow 4 ft deep on the sea front at Lee on Solent. No stress if updates difficult and expensive. We're now close enough to do it from the Gribs. Pinkaraj tenterhooky. Have a Piranha free ball, y'all and report on return.
Carol – missed your 75th – but a grand total. Belated happys.
Thanks to Heggie, Tom and Philip for funnies.

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