FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

Ice cover prediction

Big section on NPR – national public radio – on likelihood of record
low ice covferage this year – N pole maybe completely ice free in
summer in 5 years. Sad – if the Canadian govt doesn't get in on the
act real soon, all the sacred sites – Inuit, Franklin, de Loos and the
rest – will have cruise ship hot dog stalls and live entertainment.
Appalling thought that the places where people died of starvation and
cold after eating their dead friends could one day be exploited and
desecrated but I bet it happens. Just look down south…

Today is getting the old gearbox off – if I can manage it. Very tight
squeeze and very difficult to get spanners on some of the bolts. Also
now cold, miserable rain, drab muddy dirt roads so bike riding no fun
and cold hands.

Will report this evening.

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