FROM 2-3. Dutch Harbor (Aleutians)

Incredible day

Bloody awful day but we got the gearbox and I've converted it to Berri
config. Grey thick sandy mud and I've ridden about 40 k in it – I
think my new Henri pants have been sandpaperd to total uselessness -
SPBF – I'm sweaty, totally knackered but happy we seem to be a step
forward. Dave rang to say gbox arrived so I rode out there again to
check it – was not intending to do any more so did not take backpack
with notebook, phone numbers, laptop etc.

Sitting in Dave's office and security guy arrives with mobile -
Fishing boat skipper trying to call Dave to say that he had received
email from RCC Australia (AMSA) saying they had rec'd an emergency
call from him. He unable to communicate by email only satphone. I
offered to call AMSA as I know most of the people, but no backpack so
did not have number immediately handy and things conspired and by the
time Dave was ready, the Harbourmaster was on the phone saying plane
launched from Kodiak etc….Anyway, all eventually sorted – Fishing
boat's SatC defective – I suggested better to turn it off until fixed.

Then spent the next 2 hours converting gearbox in Dave's office and
conference room. Tomorrow is another day. A Consultation is called for
then I'm going to crawl back into Berri, trying to leave mud and sand
outside, and collapse.

See you tomoz.

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