FROM 1-1. Sydney-Hobart Race 2004

Jan 01, 2005 – 1800hrs│ 37nm to go (ETA 02/01/05 0400hr) 58th, 4.9knts.

Thanks everyone for messages. We’ll try and reply later – just a bit on at the mo. Tasman Island at bloody last – we’re just rounding. Been a long time coming. James driving, somewhat wet and draggly but seems to be enjoying himself. The usual nasty bullets at 40+ knots and a bit to bouncy for emailing but the mail must get through. Ross cooking up mashed spuds with onion, dried peas, bacon and eggs to fill some empty spaces. We have reserved the last three cans from the medicine chest of of the barber-surgeon to ensure that the agues are kept at bay till the slab of Dr Boags arrives in Con Dock in about 7 hours if all goes well.

We love youse all

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