FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

Just words

SEND + MORE etc: I meant to ask in the last one whether there are any more solutions. Seems there are – Pete reckons there are at least 8 – any advance?

As the most diaphanously tentative perhaps, it seems the Examiner has slipped, at least as far as the little stink bomb to the north is concerned. The latest grib shows us south of the nasties and with a reasonably clear run to Bligh's Cap in about 2 days. Keep em firmly crossed please. The seas are breaking around us with the most vivid powdery blue translucent crests. Worth all the bother just to watch them. I'll try to get photos but never quite the same. Big, gold collared Albatross back briefly this morning, now lots of prions and the usual white chins.

Huge sign of progress – I was able to connect to the NSW sailmail station to try to send this – very long range and rather slow, so I'll revert to Iridium but – Hi Derek! Yay! We are at 4729 6333, range 3968 miles.

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