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K: Stars

Hey Suze – this one’s for you!

I’ve been watching the stars in between clouds over the last few nights and thought of you with the star chart out on calm nights in the Clipper race. Your favourite big lazy W has been hanging up there. I couldn’t remember it’s name, but knew it started with a C. All I could think of was Canopus from my celestial nav course. Luckily Corrie came to the rescue – Caseopea! Of course! (perhaps not spelt quite like that). And then there was the big cursive curve of Scorpio nearby and the dense cluster of Plaedies (again probably not spelt like that either), the Big Dipper over our left shoulders, and Orion just off our starboard bow before sunrise. Orion just doesn’t look quite the same from up here as he does from home. He’s not standing on his head for starters, and his belt (aka the saucepan or Tom’s shopping trolley) is upside down, so everything is going to fall out!

Hope all’s going well back there in Moolloolabah – lots of lovely “slips, heels & frills” sailing out here today.


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