FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Land! 5120.40 17935.21

About ten minutes ago I tacked exactly 3 mils from the eastern tip of Amchitka Island, which was just visible through the murk. I took its photo, for the record, but only intrinsically exciting. GPS log read 5687, but has been off at times. Through the water log read 246 – something wrong there unless it recycles itself at some odd number like 7000 miles. We’ve had some glitches and it may just have dropped all its data which is a shame.

We’re looking good to cross the pass on about 075, so won’t clear the volcano 60 miles ahead. Might go inside it if we’re there in daylight. And the tide will change and may affect us.

Anyway, something achieved, now we just have to get to Adak….or Dutch, if the wind gives us a break. But keep them all crossed. A small tot for the old geezer is due, I think, courtesy of RANSA. Then back to work.

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