FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens


position 0630 21st 4832 06907 trip 57 DMG 35 after heave to and bare poling. Cap D'E visible 9 miles ahead – too busy for description – North Head with muscle for the Sydneysiders. 3rd reerf, tiny heady, trying to work to windward in 25 kts. Bumpy, wet orrible. Fogbanks all around hope it stays clear for us – 2 hours or so to go. Likely to be a bit tricky getting in but if Cook and the rest could do it in square riggers even tiny Berri should manage. Will try to report later from inside DV & WP.

0315 21st sighted Blighs Cap – rolling fog, 25 knots and it was there – a solid wraith if such can be rearing vertically out of the ocean.

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