FROM 1-9. Falklands

Mar 24, 2005 - 2354hrs UTC│Stanley, Falklands I.

2354hrs 24 Mar 2005 UTC Stanley, FI      Map Ref 123

What a day. I think we have preserved Berri more or less undamaged and the wind has finally abated a bit. It was blowing 45-50 for most of the day and for a lot of that, blowing Berri directly on to a big rubber tractor tyre with about a metre and a half swell so no way to control anything much. About 15 degrees of hell too, which didn’t help. Late in the afternoon, Paul, Owen, Mike and the FIC launch turned up and we set it all up so that they could hold us into wind as we ferry glided about 40 metres across to the lee side of a floating jetty. Pretty hairy manoeuvre but we got there and Berri is now not snug but at least relatively safe – touch wood. Thanks guys.

I have some photos but I’m too stuffed to work through download at the mo – just need to get to bed. If the forecast wind change arrives, we will clear customs at 0930 local tomorrow and be out of here.  Sad but necessary. Will try to get photos done early in the morning but no promises at this stage.

Berri after move

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