FROM 2-6. Tuktoyaktuk-Cambridge Bay

McQ: A day in the life of a Berri watch handover..!!

So I came on watch a few hours ago, just as we were being massively headed- pointing north in fact!! A lumpety lumpety short sea was building too and we had a bit of engine assistance and were using it to get as much height as we could without the stopping dead in our tracks at each wave…Big A disappeared down below quick smart with a parting grin and ‘have fun’!!! It was one of those watch handovers… so we pootled along like that for a bit, our COG 40 degrees to the left of our course, Ray bleeping incessantly at me, grrrrrrr, keeping an eye on boat speed and vmg- when the vmg was down to 2.5 knots I decided to tack: at the very least the motion would be smoother across the waves and they wouldn’t stall us quite so much… so tack we did, and laugh heartily out loud I did as we were now pointing just west of south!!!! grrrrrr more!!!! we settled down and with the angle of the waves we were able to come up a bit, our COG still about 20 degrees out only in the other direction, and keep the sails just working and Ray shut up and just drove for a while too… vmg even went up to 4 and a bit knots for a bit!!! Then we got headed massively again, time to wake Kimbra, so tacked back and the wind kept veering as we did so: so we are now finally pointing in the right direction, only now the wind (all of 5 knots) is now almost directly behind us so we have next to no apparent now and we are trying to make slow progress over the lumpy sea!!! Kimbra came up on deck as I was putting our flogging headsail away… A few more revs on the engine and after explaining the trials and tribulations of my watch I grinned, said ‘have fun’!! and disappeared down below… another of those watch handovers!!
Lots of love to everyone and thinking of you for tomorrow, my Dave M.
ps. I just looked at our track over the past few hours, its kinda this cute swirly curvy pattern!!! Not straight at all but quite hilarious!!!

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