FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

McQ: And we’re off again- yee ha!!

We’re moving again!! Trusty trisail up and a spotty hankerchief (spots are best) of heady out. Engine assistance firmly off and accepting that we have to sail a touch off the wind so as not to pound through the steep seas- makes for longer slower journey all in all but at least the poor rig isn’t shuddering every 3rd wave (hopefully Alex’s nerves are shuddering marginally less too!!!). So we’re making around NW, about 8nm from Amchitka Island (again) and heading straight for it- now some people will know I have issues with land (v dangerous- best stay away!!) so despite all my efforts to tack 10nm out yesterday and so on we seem to keep gravitating back towards it!!! One of those things, hey ho!!! Anyway, prob go like this for another hour and then tack away again- and this time, all being well, we’ll have the little tide there is lee-bowing us north for the following 12 hours and with 60miles across to the oother side, plenty time for the wind to back to the NW and lift us (you hear that wind gods????? NW, NW, NW is where you wanna blow from!!) which it is supposed to do by 10pm local according to Mr Grib. I am fully going for optimism this afternoon too and after the next tack onto port, there will be no more and next thing will be a bear away to Adak!!!
Appendwages crossed!!!
Word for the day: squoodjil: as in- if you put the powdered milk in the mug before squoodjilling the teabags fully it becomes impossible to get anything but milky watery tea. Thus- squeezing and stirring/jiggling.
I WILL be cross if that word has already made it into print!!!
I’m loving the language invention. Wonderful.
Lots of love
Ps Ali: I’m missing you loads and looking very much forward to our next day of fun…even though its months and months away. hope all is good. xxx pps Carie: ‘Harriet and her new neighbours’ perhaps??- apparently Amazon sells EVERYTHING. Its got to be there. Sorry, for some reason I have got a bit fixated on this, I bet you have many better things to do!!! xxx ppps FF: Last night was soooo blurky it was fully, fully a ‘Father Abraham’ night to keep spirits up- oh how I wished you were here to sing and flail around the cockpit!!! xxx

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