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McQ: barnacles

Imagine being a barnacle on Berri’s bot!! Imagine just cruising along one day and clinging on to her, then suddenly 114 days later, everything’s upside down, the sun shines, all the fish that come and hang out look a bit strange- you keep meeting sharks called ‘Bruce’ and so on… after getting used to this lifestyle, basking in the delightfully warm Sydney Harbour- getting a cooling once a year on the way south, you find yourself off again… hotter and hotter, you realise you are going north, then it starts to cool off- you have a vague recollection of what ‘cold’ feels like, hanging out with your buddies in Falmouth in the winter, but then it gets really cold…by this time there’s loads of you, and you’ve made masses of new friends, so many that wee Berri is definitely feeling sluggish, everyone’s talking in American accents but the cold water is starting to remind you of home, and you start wondering if you’ll ever get back to Falmouth again??

I hope those little barnacles make it back to Falmouth one day, despite them slowing us down in the mean time (so maybe on someone elses bot)!!!

love McQ
ps: Carie, did you see FF’s gust re our new neighbours??? Gust 213 i think!! hilarious!! see if you can get the lowdown?? Awesome re JH!! miss you, lots of love Bol xxx

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