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McQ: Cup-a-soup and catastrophising Tue 20/05/2008 09:56

I just had the most curious cup-a-soup. There was hardly any powder in the packet. It was bright yellow and had noodles in it, but they all seem to. Anyway, usually at this stage you can make a fair assumption as to what flavour it is but this time i had no idea. I checked the packet, it said ‘cas cns’ still none the wiser and having eaten it still no eyed deer.

It warmed me up enough to give some thoughts on the catastrophising though:

Poor old Alex, stuck on a boat with an eternal optimist!! Though, i don’t think he is being pessamistic in this case just, extremely sensibly realistic. Still, I suspect, ‘I love Hawaii’ and ‘I love Vancouver even more!!!’ were not quite the first reactions he had hoped for!!!
We can get to Dutch, the question that will start to become very apparent is whether we can get there within the time scale to make it possible to attempt to carry on north. The journey there might become even more: stonk north in the southerlies, park for a bit in the northerlies, all well and good but will become immensely frustrating and time consuming and not only that the lows seem to be more intense farther north- so its not even as if we’ll be able to say, ‘phew, through the worst of it now!!’ We would get there eventually though, I think. Its this unbelievable sea state that is making any head way whatsoever impossible. I guess we can hope that the wind eases tonight as forecast and the sea eases too- it did yesterday for a bit but as soon as the wind blew again the pacific became a big old seething frothy mass again. grrrrr. I am currently being thrown around violently behind the cone and it is a struggle to write and think and brace yourself all at once.

Hawaii, Vancouver, Japan, China, Galapagos, back to Sydney, general cruising round the Pacific- all of which sound fine options!!! We might struggle to get anywhere with our Consulting provisions though and we’re out of chocolate, and cup-a-soups are rationed, but it’s never meant to be simple at sea!!! We might have to rendezvous with that snickers ship, after all, at the same time as we collect Kimbra!!! It truly would be a real shame not to make it to Dutch though.

Fingers crossed we get to Dutch tho’ otherwise, the question is, iff, where and when do we open mum’s ‘arrived in Dutch pressies’????

Well, we’ll be seeing y’all whenever we get to wherever we make it to…
I keep trying to keep these short but they keep being long!!!
Love McQ

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