FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

McQ: fairly random selection of thoughts

After extensive clinical trials I can officially sanction large ziploc bags as the best boot liners I have come across to date- they are so good that I have discarded my first pair of warm but soggy socks in favour of anew clean dry pair- normally I owuld eek out the soggy pair a little longer but I am so confident in the ability of the ziplocs that I have gone for a new pair. Bear in mind dry socks oft become a precious and rare commodity on board and the utmost should be done to preserve, at all times.

Also, Just below Clam Lagoon lies Yippee Shoal which is just to the North and West of Lucky Point!!! I wonder what happened round there??Do you think they really meant ‘yippee’ when they found the shoal??!!

Fair bit of easterly breeze at the mo, so screeching reaching North- past 41N so not long till only 10 degrees latitude to cover (as Alex points out tho’ we do need to sail the hypotenuse!!)

Mum, please could you get dad a copy of ‘Frozen in Time’ about the ill fated Franklin Expedition to discover the NWP. Alex gave me a copy before we left and I have just started reading it- gripping stuff and I think dad will enjoy too, if he ahsn’t already read it. Tinned food- who knew??!!!

Irish Stew and creamed corn for dinner, am quite partial to those two tins together, they actually taste of something, I think must be what it is!! Fingers crossed we don’t get lead poisoning!! And used the penultimate meals worth of pots- finally!!!

Wee snooze now before what I have named Black Watch (8-10pm no moon just black gunky sea and sky mixed together and you can barely see the mast from the cockpit)

lots of love

Congrats on wedding last week N&A;, heard it was lovely from Carie. Sorry I didn’t get my best wishes in in time- knew it round about nowish but as you know the days disappear out here and become meaningless, so I missed it!! Wish i could have been there… maybe see you Sydney at Christmas?? Bol xxx

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