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McQ: H for...

After yesterday, I thought i would check my cup-a-soup flavour today before I started, it was called ‘H/Beef’ Hmmm, H for Happy? I like the idea that my soup came from a cow that led a happy life, however, I suspect that my soup saw about as much bovine life form as our (olive oil) margarine did in its making!! H for hmmmmm then. H for hopeful, or even hopefully, hopefully beef. H for hungry, yes, I still am!! hostile, hooning, hurtful, heartbroken??? who knows??I have a vague recollection it was supposed to be ‘hearty’ but given its watery consistency and smattering of green herby bits and nothing else it wasn’t!! Must be herby then. Don’t get me wrong though, with our cup-a-soup-rationing, all flavours our greatly appreciated and all do their job of warming you up in these chilly climes, whatever they are supposed to be made of!!

Since we are actually back on starboard tack I have re-opened the library. Chichester is order of the day and I fully urge all those who haven’t read yet to read Gipsy Moth Circles the World- much much much much more interesting than these nonsensical blogs of mine!! Though both possibly require the same quantity of gin to be consumed to enjoy fully!!

No scrabble on board, attempted irony, precisely due to lack of flat, stable surface!!!

Let us never, ever, ever again speak of the negative distance made good over the last 24 hrs. ok? The eternal optimism runs out with backwards movement.

I think there was supposed to be a serious/sensible point to this one but I have completely forgotten what that was, so you just get more of the same inane drivel instead!!! sorry!!!

With love,
A toasty warm, thermaled, midlayered, hatted, booted, dry socked and gloved (once I finish typing), McQueen xxx

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