FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

McQ: Heavens Above Part 1

Yep, no worries folks, all ‘thank you’s’ send them this way… for those in UK, once again it looks set to be a scorcher of a summer… now, of course, we all knew this because EVERY summer I go to sea to be cold and wet and togged up in thermals all year, ensuring no hope of a tan, it is a blinder at home, and likewise, when I stay at home, like last year, its rubbish!!! So hope you are enjoying your lovely sunny days!!!

Ali: you know how I love all adventures, big and small!!! I miss you loads too darling. Maybe you can pretend I am there on your next West London adventure, talk to me and stuff as if I am, perhaps???!!! Just don’t get lost in the Windsor Castle, you and imaginary me will never manage to find our way out of there!!! lots of love Coriander xxx

Malcolm: brilliant coriolis chat, brilliant, perfectly understandable, not a greek letter in sight and much more akin to my ‘nearer the poles the faster you spin’ adage!!!

Its a beautiful clear clear night, the moon has just set but we are still lit up from horizon to horizon by bright twinkling stars and swirling galaxy- amazing!!! There is not a cloud in the sky, not even a dark, inky blob anywhere. But the strangest thing just happened- we just had a 35 degree wind shift (lift) for about five minutes but just can’t figure out as to where it might have come from!! mad!!


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