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Well, it was with slight trepidation that I was looking forward to this evenings meal- Big A was in charge, his turn to cook, and given his fondness for rotting bacon and the fact that I saw him examining the mouldy cabbage earlier, well, I didn’t fancy my chances!!!

However, I am pleased to report, that the bacon barely tasted too piggy and there was only the merest hint of foost in every cabbage mouthful (nothing that good old tabasco couldn’t sort!!) and the whole concoction, with the addition of beanz and toms and pepperoni was really very good!!!

The ocean is beginning to resemble the Pacific that I remember- humungous swell, pretty regular and long, with a fair old sea on top of that. There is still a long way to go before it is as big as I remember, but we were also further north and it would have been Jan/ Feb time then. As is will do nicely though for us, thank you very much. Wee Berri is surging across the sea, with Ray back in charge, we are just trying to coax Berri across and through the waves without too many rig shuddering moments- she’s doing great though, loving it infact, I would guess. Its due to build over the next 48 or so hours so might be an opportunity to try the trysail… in the meantime, we are chomping away at the miles- funny how, not so long ago 20N seemed almost inconceivably far off but now is less than 4 degrees away. crazy stuff.

I am caked in salt- have just mopped it out of my eyes but the rest of me is still caked, my skin has that slimy greasy feel that you get when you have been doused continually with salt water for some time!! Mostly today this is due to being on deck on watch for mere minutes and four huge waves slapped against the hull, then up in the air then down my neck. Unbelievable!! Though at the time I did ask the ocean very politely, no swearing at all, as to whether that was really necessary and whether I really deserved such a drenching. Wherever I moved in the cockpit, the waves would follow and get me, all the rest of the watch- you had to laugh!!!

Thats all for now folks.
Love and hugs,

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