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McQ: Port Tack and Turquoise Hat

We are on Port tack folks…way!!! And boy you can tell we are making our way north…the water is less than 30degrees now!! We are entering into the region of depressions that go barrelling past us with lots of wind- first biggy should start to increase this afternoon/evening and should reach 30ish knots the following evening. Things are all starting to cool down- definitely out of the tropics now: NW winds- chilly!! I woke up v cold this morning and have broken out the first of the thermals!!! I had to put my new fluffy turquioise hat on last night too- which i bought the same time as my new turquoise bikini and the girl in the shop thought I was mad, even when I pointed out that I wouldn’t be wearing them together!!!
Mum, lets hope we aren’t in the 8% that meet a bear that thinks, ‘Pepper Steak- Bonus!!!’
Time to tuck up for a couple of hours in my wonderful blanket (courtesy of the Whitworth Family) its got a print repeated all over it, of a girl in a red dress with a big yellow and white daisy on the front and she has bunches and the biggest smile- makes me happy every time i wake up!!
Lots of love

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