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McQ: Puffings and biscuits

Got distracted by the profoundities of my last blog and forgot a few things (is it ok to make up words like ‘profoundities’??)

Mommy, I am soooo sorry I forgot about Puffins, how could I??? Of course, of course I can positively identify a puffin- they are brilliant little birds with multicoloured beaks and they taste soooo yummy smoked!!! (Don’t be alarmed, Vegetarians/Puffin fans, it is a private joke between me and Pam McQ!!)

Puffins are awesome little creatures: they have podgy little bodies that defy gravity, especially with those little wings… when you see them on the water it is impossible not to stop and watch them and urge them on, ‘go puffin, go, flap those little wings’ and they do- those little wings are flapping at at unbelievable rate but you still wouldn’t believe they would manage to get themselves into the air… ‘go, little puffin, flap flap flap,’ and then when they finally get airborne, you just feel so proud for them!!!

Do they have Puffins in Alaska??? I hope so. (we are obviously miles and miles too far south to see puffins yet!!)

Funsters: great to hear from you and know you are following us. Alex tells me you are going to send some interesting and intellectually stimulating questions for us- I’m looking forward to it and I know Alex is too, since it means he will get a break from answering my questions:

Me: Alex if you were an animal what would you be?
Alex: [sigh]
Me: I’d be a tiger, what would you be, if you had to be an animal?
A:[sigh again}
Me: If you had no choice?
A: bacteria
Me: [looking puzzled] Ok, why?
A: so I could live forever
Me: ok
Me: If you were a biscuit, what would you be?
A: [sigh]
Me: I’d be a ginger nut, what about you?

and so on…

lots of love

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