FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

McQ: Starboard tack, Jumblies and Cormorants

We have been on starboard tack for as long as I can remember, heading north, E/NE trades, beam reach, close reach, some combination thereof but starboard tack. We are going to carry on like this for a good few more days, then the wind is going to ease and gently veer and we are going to gybe as it goes behind us and then it is going to fill in from the W/SW adn then we will screeching reach up to the finish, (Aleutien waypoint!!!) in a matter of 22 days…
This is of course, given the predictable nature of the sea and the weather gods, EXACTLY how its going to happen!!!
But certainly my starboard eye is looking forward to being on port tack, as is my starboard leg (it feels like its shrinking, or maybe the port leg is stretching!!!) and the starboard eye gets the brunt of the waves so is a wee bit bloodshot and gunking up worthy of Papi after two days on a coconut. Anyway, trying to keep the salt out of it, a thankless task, but am trying nonetheless!!

Anyone who sails will know how intensely irritating a waterproof jacket hood is… for a start anything that obscures you beoing able to feel what the wind is doing on your face, is pretty unhelpful. If you are going up wind, it just keeps blowing ooff unless its tied up so tight that you can’t hear or see anything. extremely frustrating and at the moment the staroard side of my hood keeps irritating the starboard side of my irritated eye… all very frustrating!!!!

Right, offski to deck, to salinate.

Lots of love and hugs

ps the Three Chimneys is the my favourite, favourite restaurant in the world and the best in Scotland, so I expect and hope, Philippe that it was expensive for you but that it was worth every penny? and hope you tried the marmalade pud… for everyone else, its hard enough to get a table so I urge you not to go!!!! It might be my fave but its hardly worth bothering with that long, off the beaten track hike to get there… and the marmalade pud is definitely not worth the effort!! (but try it if you do go, and go once and once only and make sure its before I get back!!)

pps Rach A: can you believe its a whole year since it was May last??? Anyway thinking of you and how great you are. love you. cor x

ppps: Mum, any chance of a copy of ancient mariner to Dutch, inscribed by Web of course- if you think that could be there by 12th June when we leave?? I left mine at home and the copy on board is only extracts and it is a whole book of poetry and I keep getting distracted by Lear and Anon (Jumblies and Cormorants) xxx

PpppS Andarks by appointment as supplier of all relevant accessories to McQueen too…They are probably glad I am away at sea as I can’t harrass their fabulous selves for discounts from here!!!

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