FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

McQ: weather, navigation, sail plan, land, outfit, is it bunk time yet???

tis a real blurky blurky night again tonight… infact I think this is the coldest so far- great!! and its been raining too. even greater. And we’ve been headed, so we ain’t making Gareloi on this tack anymore either and the wind comes and goes so our wee trisail, whilst hopefully easing the stress on the rig isn’t quite enough in the lulls… so you ponder options, then it picks up again. goes on like this. sea still a bit beastly for much more sail without slamming about a bit…. just looked on deck, bit of a lift again there- sweet. maybe I am too impatient!!! It doesn’t help that diesel, king size snickers, beer, wine, fruit, showers and other bits and bobs are tantalisingly close!!!
Its so cold, and despite having turned into the michelin man. Do you want to know what my party gear consists of right now?? Well I’m telling you anyway… thermal socks, sealskinz socks, woolly sheep insoles, leaky boots, underwear, blue thermal bottoms, grey and red thermal top, purple fleece, midlayer salopettes and get this- size M huge thick Slam jacket with grey Gill midlayer jacket size S over the top!!! then oily bottoms, oily top (super hard to get on and off with all tother layers!!) gloves, trusty cream fleecy and red snowflakey buff round my neck, norwegian hat and headtorch. Michelin or what???And, more importantly I did some bunk organising earlier so that consists of: blanket, searug folded in half on top, silk sleeping bag liner tucked inside thermal sleeping bag liner, Cats Meow over the top of those, then another blanket, then the other half of the bottom blanket folded over the top, oh and me and hot water bottle inside!! and then pillow and towelwrapped round for wet hair moments and various other garments tucked around and down the sides!! ooooh it must be time to head in bunk direction….
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Lots of love
Michelin McQ

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