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McQ: Wittering Whitters and other ramblings

Warm toasty layered up mcqueen wouldn’t say no to a first plate of fettucine alfredo!! Which is probably why she resembles the michelin man!! methinks I don’t have many more layers than Big Whitters, I just wear them more michelin man-like!!

I just got up for watch after falling asleep 3 minutes before… typical!!

And am trying to get my head round the fact that I am sure Whitters wittered something about the wind coming round before he went to sleep but he sounded way to chirpy about this for us to have been headed, but well, we have now. I think I’ll keep that one to myself and fingers crossed the wind comes back round to where it was coming from to make him cheerful sooner rather than later!! Or maybe he didn’t sound happy and it had headed us a bit for him too. Or maybe Kevvo’s brain is as in gear as mine is!!! [After attending to deck] It’s the wind, bit all over the place- 6knots then 16 from all over the place too- pretty much as expected tho’.

We had proper boat food for dinner tonight and discussed what constituted proper boat food- definitely has to be a concoction of whatever is to hand and needs ot be hot and probably a selection of things that you wouldn;t necessarily serve at home to a willing audience but that here need using up and accompanied by something cooked in a generally improvised way… so for example, tonight was onion (needed using) and bacon (likewise) and sweetcorn (variety) on top of naan bread,which we fried, one at a time, in the big pot to heat them up, worked though!! And, in my case a big dollop of sweet chilli sauce. Perfect!!! We did imagine that Alex might be my only guest on the evening I choose to recreate this delight when we get home!!

Its funny how on this keyboard you barely need to touch the o and you get ten oooooof them, or you brush past it by mistake!! quite annoying sometimes to have to go through blog and delete them all every time.

I think i was maybe going to add some wisdom about Cook or barometers to my last blog but since it was an intelligent thought It didn’t remain in my brain for long and thus proobably the reason I can’t quite remember said wisdom.

Time to pretend to be MM after forth FA and put on an extra layer and get some mid watch fresh air and chat to Kevvo for a bit- liven him up a bit. Oh look: We are trying, trying to push North, heading wise, so I guess that is what Whitters was wittering about after all.

A wittering Whitter would be a good name for a bird. I might decide to authoratatively name the little birds that are with us wittering whitters: As in, ‘What are you wittering about Whitters, they’re not Stormy Petrels, they are definitely that well known Northern Hemisphere bird species, the Wittering Whitter…’

Only one flaw in all this: that is, I definitely witter more that Whitters, but this has distracted me enough to stay awake without thinking about it for a whole hour of watch!!

Lots of love
Woittering McQueen

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