FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

MCQ&A!! answer to the Funsters

Exactly… WEST equatorial current not southwest!!! grrrrrrrrrrr….
Anyway, just have to tolerate as nowt we can do!!!

1. No Sharks, as A says. I have only ever seen one shark at sea, near the cost of Japan on a drizzly, grey day. And I saw a basking shark in a bay in Scotand once, it seemed to be nearly as long as the boat I was on (36foot) but I was quite little!!!

2. As for A. The most scary is a lightning storm though. When you think that the metal mast would very much like to be a giant lichtning conductor it is even scarier!!! At night, oin a lightning storm there is usually lots of rain and when the lightning flashes the whole sky lights up purple. mental!!

3. Food… yep, bit hard too go to the shops- if we don’t like the menu, which is a variation on tinned brown stuff or tinned red stuff then we add lots of tabasco and hope its dark so we can’t see what we are eating!!! (and remind ourselves that out here food is fuel!!) I always miss steak and salad and ice cream most!!!
Monait, we have bread mix and pizza tomato sauce so we could make a sort of pizza, we have pepperoni and tinned sweetcorn that could go on top, but as alex said no cheese left!!! John L, We had some carrots in our veggie box when we left but most went rotten- surprisingly quickly!!! We have tinned carrots now though. And, well, Sonia, BBQ chicken, out here, thats in a different world!!!!

Lots of luck in the BIG test, everybody, Love McQueen xxx

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