FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

Middle of the night

Actually about 2 hours to sunrise here. I think the main front has gone through – max gust Pete saw was 47 kts and now steady 35 – 40. Bare poled, heading NE at 5+, Berri all snugged down, stern tube closed and I'm monitoring the sitch from inside, dry suit at the ready to wriggle into if there seems to be a bit of the embryonic pearshaped out there. Uncomfortable roll, knees once again pressed up under the nav table, wrists locked against the near edge as I prod the keyboard. Wind has varying and varied conversations – not really slanging matches – with the rig and it does seem to be abating just a poopytill. Nice and dry inside, relatively speaking, after Pete's excellent work in Cape Town bogging the chainplates. Berri being Tarago sized, it's impossible not to bring a bucket or so of water down into the boat on the wet weather gear every time we venture outside and return so everything damp.

Sea building – just been visited by a big one from out of left field. Like being caressed by a steam hammer. It will continue to build all day or at least until the wind abates significantly – TGS about another 5 hours or so. There goes another of the bastards Keep em crossed. Little storm petrel in the black gloom earlier, before the blast – sensed, not seen, as a fluttering shadow.

Carla, will send separate note later but use the sailmail address if you still have it.

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