FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Midnight in the boonies 2310.54 15747.39

Just pulled in Speedy’s midnight special – thanks to everyone for your messages. H, hope you arrived safely in the ‘Jing.

Seems our wild surf is slowing – I was standing on the cockpit seats hanging on to the dodger knees slightly bent riding this violently rolling, pitching, yawing corkscrew of a 7 ton surfboat with the moon ahead gyrating in the sky and the flashing white surf whooshing past the boat – Ben Hur in his chariot, a bareback rider standing on her horse in a circus – whatever the image, the power of the wind and the sea and the boat’s ability to grab it and hoon with a bit of help from Kevvo was the stuff that brings a surge of happys to the heart. And now the wind has abated just a little, brilliant moon still up there, big waves still chasing us and we’re 727 miles from Sydney. Wooohooo.

And I’m not exactly sure what the line on the chart actually means but I think we have left Oz and crossed the border into New Caledonia. Progress of a sort!

Just lost half my scalding cup of tea over my hand and the floor. Oww! Sat on the floor and dunked a little tower of McVities one by one. Way to go. Biskit dunking lessons in the last gig’s logs somewhere – slight change to technique though as we now have a couple of huge mugs we bought in Falmouth last time and the whole biscuit fits in the nozzle so to speak and instant floppiness arrives if care not taken in timing dunk with boat’s roll – total loss of biscuit and sludgy tea…Nice though and can be taken with a spoon later.

Airgen now keeping the batteries fully charged – makes life much easier. Must be the wind strength.

Kimbra – had memory gadget plugged into laptop when it crashed and suspect that’s dead too, so I’ve lost your files unless I saved a copy on the home laptop which I daren’t open in these conditions. Might need some advice as we go north of the border. Also lost your email address

And, Eleanor, yours too – email Speedy and let me know how The Plan progresses.

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