FROM 2-14. Cape Town-Kerguelens

More money

Before you all descend on us with rulers at the ready – Pete has seen the error of his ways and there really does seem to be only one solution. Thanks David, as the first of the horde! Prizes as stated except that Steve J has declined as he is part of the Berri ground crew, so David Rule gets the reallocated bottle of home brewed Coopers. Remind me, David – I'll get it to you somehow.

From Pete
David thanks for sorting that out, mea maxima culpa (as it was a Latin lesson we were involved in yesterday). Sloppy work from me but I'll blame the late night and the crashing conveyance for part of the mistake. For some reason I missed Y values of 0 and 1, it was the last one to be checked; still at least one of them was the right answer. As the old rooster said never crow till you see the dawn. It's late arvo so I think we'll have a G&T; that'll make everything right again. Cheers Pete.

Alex again
Sue – my Dad was Wings in the previous Illustrious in 1953 – I was on board for the Coronation Review.
Steve W, 1942.
Gordy and the Chain Locker mob – Onya and thanks! Did Oz get away?
Doug – we'll do our best. Might just crack Christmas Hbr but timing is everything. Berri is not Resolution! We'll try to point directly at Hobart afterwards but the Examiner lurks everywhere.
Norm – no probs – have the cube sorted!
Malcom, Gotcha, thanks!

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