FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Noon 1106.14 16414.36 May 7th

We crossed 11N @ 1032 sydney time at 16414.55 E. Tried to call Pascal but perhaps too late. So we drank his health, as the brains behind all this. Also tried Leroy, likewise. Will try both again over next day or so.

For Kimbra to consider first, then maybe ask Tom

Thanks to both. Tom, no plan as yet for a particular pass – thought we’d leave that as a decision that may be made for us. Would there be any advantage in going through say to the east of Seguam @ 172 E and then NE along the chain to Dutch or even much further SW at 180 degrees and east of Semisopochnoi? That would seem to get us across the Aleutian current the most efficient way. Would there be wind on the other side, or a nasty lee shore? Or should we just time the tides at Unalaska? I have rough tidal times in my digital charts but no directional flows. I assume the ebb flows SE from the Bering into the Pacific and v.v. the flood. Also some limited Argos tidal stream info.
The Aleutian current seems very similar to the East Australian Current – largely coriolis induced, flowing along the continental shelf – good to know it’s there.

Tom, if ok, I will try to contact you by satphone when we get closer if there is anything else we need to know. But I think we can work it out.

K – could you please contact Brian Shilland on (number sent via email-ed) to decide whether you could carry a new sail up with you as excess perhaps. I spoke to him on the satphone this am and agreed we don’t need a new one unless things go pearshaped between here and dutch in which case he’d make one and try to get it to you…

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