FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

noon 141505 16529.34

And we’ve changed back to our sewn up sail in 20 kts, supposed to be rising…Sail seems to be working fine but appendages all crossed bigtime. 2 reefs, glistening day, sea that lovely iridescent turquoise – quite steep, lumpy, little breaking tops with spray blowing off them in downy jewelled wisps. Best we can comfortably do is direct track for Wake – the Americans won’t be pleased if we arrive on their beach, so we’ll divert around as we get closer.

Later – much too hot for more that 5 minutes in this little hell hole – I’ve just noticed that today the sun is to the south of us – no shade in the cockpit. Yeeehaaa! Belmore South, this is important for a couple of reasons. Can anyone work out why?

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