FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

noon 1616.29 16550.34 Anyone know anyone at Wake?

DTD 2639 so dmg 121 yeeehaaa! Absolutely wonderful, exhilarating, once in a lifetime sailing. Berri just below her limits, half headsail, 3 reefs, balanced, Kevvo in charge and surging along, over, through the waves – all brilliant blue, silver, hot as hell, sun almost directly above but to south so no shade. When she doesn’t quite get over a wave, the nose goes in, white water cascades back down the deck and off we go again. Mast flexing forward rather more that leaves me comfortable but does not seem to be stressed.

This wind due to increase over next 36 – 48 hours, so sea state will be pretty horrible by the end and we will certainly have to slow down. Thinking possibly the trisail if it does build to uncomfortable state – never used it with new track and would be about the right size so good practice.

If anyone knows anyone stationed at Wake, looks as if we will certainly pass to the west, possibly some distance away, but will depend on how this develops. Would love to wave if anyone wants to come and find us…the website will indicate our position accurately enough for a practice exercise. If any likelihood of our being in range, we will be on VHF 16 or can do any HF frequency if advised. Iridium phone number [please use ‘contact‘ to email for number-ed]- probably won’t get to it first time it rings – ring back in a couple of minutes and unless we’re in pearshape on deck, we’ll be ready.

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