FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

Noon 4034.23 17322.16 Sun 25/05/2008 03:14

Looking a bit more reasonable out there today. Fitful sunlight through the mist, beck to the big jib and doing 6.5 towards Amchitka. Our day of painful stitching on the little sail has survived with attitude – will probably get us all the way to wherever so if no big sewing machine in Dutch, we’ll not fret. Berri slipping through the water almost silently – what a change it is to be in benign conditions! The only – and more or less continuous noise – is Lizzie whizzing away at the back – has kept the batteries fully charged all the way – Fantastic. If OK with US Immigration, we might call in at Adak for fuel and freshies if we do go through Amchitka. Was once a cold war US Naval Air Station – now handed over to local Aleut community.

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