FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

noon 4439.10 17413.12 Tue 27/05/2008 03:57

dtd 948 dmg 91

dmg much better for Amchitka as we are heading more or less straight towards it. Now only 250 nm from US territorial waters – we’re only a couple of days from Alaska at least, touch wood and lick me nose…

What to report – good wind, benign sea for the last 2 days – unimaginable. Real progress, although the bloody GPS keeps telling us we’re not getting any closer timewise. Blood red sunrise – rather like sydney bushfire effect – obviously particulates in the air but what and where from? Indonesian forests? Chinese industry? I took a photo of the sun with an albatross just about to cross it – perfect timing but out of focus and just a splodge so worthless. Pity.

Found a way to get the fuel filter off the engine to fix the oil leak, which had been getting worse (obvious really – put a hose clip around it and was able to turn it by hand) and cleaned up the contact areas and replaced it with a new one so I hope that’s sorted.

We’re in a propagation hole – not a patch of green anywhere on the calculator and almost no orange. Checked the co-ordinates and all ok – anyone heard about unusual sunspot activity?

Carla – yay! re Phoenix. What it is looking for? And thanks re Dall’s porps. They were dazzling.

Kimbra – thanks for Gary R stuff – really useful contact – and for fleecy inners. Have mine in my Chinese slippers from Beijing that keep my feet off all the damp floor inside.

Duncan – thanks heaps for all that research – basically confirmed my own opinions – I have raincatcher as well and have just assembled it. Will remove the cylinder in dutch. Also have AIS gizmology, but it seems to have gone to sleep so will have it checked.

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