FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

noon at 1300 3855.13 17246.33

dtd 1371, dmg 121. DT Amchitka 785 – about 6 days? My June 3 prediction for Dutch still has legs.

Closer to Petropavlovsk than to Dutch at the mo – love to go have a look…

I think I can say we are now past my mental half way point. Finish not yet in sight but we’ll get there, pain yet to come and body weary, complaining, but still able to put one foot ahead of the other. Every painted white line on the road a small hurdle that must be negotiated on the way. This is about 36 k in my mental marathon. It gets harder from here in so many subtle and not so subtle ways.

Too much waiting in the queue. Will stop waffling. Motor sailing more or less straight towards Amchitka. Almost no wind. I expect you all are looking at satellite pics of a big white mass of cloud in the top left corner of the Pacific. Yep! We’re under it. Sea mist this morning, water temp 14 degrees.

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