FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

North to Alaska! Thu 29/05/2008 09:59

[Just before receiving this, got call from Alex, to reassure everyone that they’re okay – a little local difficulty. -ed]

We just crossed the 200 mile territorial waters line. USA it is….Kind of special to have actually done it. vTiny remnant of Dr Brian’s Med. compound shared between us to celebrate. So far soo good

Interesting how a bit of adversity changes the perspective – before The Event, I was all tenterhooks and anticipation – what will we find at Amchitka? Now I don’t care – we’ll get there, we’ll sort it and maybe call in at Adak – I’d like to do that anyway and we now have an excellent reason if customs are nervous – and then dutch and one more fix than intended.

Much later and a sleep – just re-run various lines across the deck to free up a couple of winches and the trisail is now working as intended. Satphone has just beeped so will go for grib and send this – lots more for later.

Love ysz all. That’s a Polish ‘yez…’

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